What is a CNC Lathe? 

CNC Lathes are Computer Aided Numerical Controlled Machine Tools, that perform chip removal by means of a cutting tool on a rotating workpiece. Today, with the developing technology, lathes have gained the ability to mill by means of driven tools. This type of machine is also called Turning Center. Lathes are basically called Vertical Lathe or Horizontal Lathe depending on whether the workpiece is vertically or horizontally connected to the workbench. 


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What are the CNC lathe parts?

CNC lathe machines consists of sections such as control unit, main body, carrier cradle, work miles, shaft motor of the work, hydraulic unit, mirror, counter-center, turret, cutting fluid tank, sawdust conveyor.

What to know about CNC turning

The CNC turning tables have two basic axes. These axes are the Z-axis which allows the cutter to move along the workpiece’s length and the X-axis which allows the cutter to move in diameter. Some advanced CNC turning tables also have a C axis which allows trimming operations on the part. The C axis can be in positions of different degrees to the workpiece.